Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

IV. yσυr τєrriвℓє ทigнτмαrє...

  He was a tall figure approaching me and majestically . At every step he looked like a completely surreal . I rubbed my eyes and he still advancing towards me . The sky was cloudy before , revealed little rays of light which illuminated the shade.
  He wore a black overcoat . Beneath it, a black dress shirt and black leather pants with boots perfectly polished . His hair was gray and he was going to his shoulders, parted in the middle , framing the face fox . His eyes were dark and deep , and it was not possible to discriminate the iris pupil . In his hands, he wore black leather gloves .
- Mizuki Shizukka ?
   I nodded . My body trembled involuntarily gaze and that guy made ​​me paralyzed with fear. I gasped as he put his hand on my shoulder .
- So my soldiers failed ... That incompetent fahou ... - he looked into my eyes - Soon we'll see , my dear niece. Be prepared .

   The atmosphere was becoming less dense and it disappeared . The world spun around me and the darkness took control of my vision and my body went against the ground , yielding to gravity.
_______________________________ *** ____________________________

  Someone was holding my hand and saying some strange words in an ancient dialect that I once heard that day in the alley . I opened my eyes slowly and saw that Koichi was who was saying those things and Blake was standing , leaning against the wall while my father held my hand , looking very worried .
- Buster ! Why did you go up to the top of the school alone ? - Blake was visibly angry with me .
- I. .. I just ... I'm sorry , Blake .
- Apologies will not solve the problem ! Do not you dare go there alone again , or better, NEVER go there again.
- Why? Just because that guy who said he was my uncle ?
- Exactly. He is dangerous and he was the last person who could see you alive ! Now it's too late and it's all your fault !
- Wait - Koichi stopped - she had no idea of anything, Blake and besides, you should have gone along with it , after all you were in the same room and that was THEIR obligation .
- My fault ? Who was stupid enough to stay up all night beside her to make her sleep ? Were the memories that were in your subconscious that caused all this to begin with , will not put the blame on me !
  My father went away from me and ended the discussion of my brothers . Blake went out the window , and apparently dissatisfied with haste . Koichi left then disappointed , toward the roof.
- It's okay . - My father reassured me - They will understand again, you'll see.
  I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face and take a shower . When I looked at my reflection in the mirror , I saw that there was a message written in blood and flowed , forming grotesque and threatening letters .

 ' Your worst nightmare will start ' ...