Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

I. τнє нєαrτ σƒ ∂αrкทєss is...

  Heart of Darkness: unattainable. Something mysterious. Something fatal. Those who venture into the night never returns unharmed. Sometimes even returns. No one ever came back to tell you what's beyond what the eye can see and the only person who managed such a feat lost his memory. His memories fade so not even remember how to breathe. So everything is still a great mystery to mankind. What lies beyond the infinite darkness? Will there be light? There will be more misery? We do not know.
   A person can know. That's it. A young man knows the heart of darkness better than anyone. He has lived there. He was born there. His name? Be calm, my dear friend, this is a detail that we can expect to learn. If I really know? Sure. Otherwise, I would not be here telling you this story. I'll tell you a secret: I live in the heart of darkness, I know what it is and how it is. I know every corner as my palm. Me no one can hide. Not the deepest, darkest corner of darkness ... Well, that boy is not there now, but he certainly return. And with a sweet young companion. And I'll be waiting for them.

   Surely you are not understanding, but soon you will understand absolutely everything. Think about it. This is just another puzzle where the last piece will not be relatively easy to find. Curious? Care. When diving in darkness curiosity is the last thing that will keep you alive. 'll Provide a chance to follow me into the heart of darkness. Come, do not be afraid. Apure your senses and listen to your reason, that way you can get away with. You only have one chance. Would you like to enter? Welcome. But before they know the heart of darkness is ...

                                                                           ... Death.