Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

VI. ωнατ τнє єyєs cαททστ sєє...

  I stifled my scream with his hands and ran out of the bathroom , bumping into Blake , who was idly on a wall . Stifled cry one second before I knew it was him and stepped back. My heartbeat was descompassados ​​and I was gasping , sitting on the edge of my bed .
- Hey , why all this ? Sounds like you saw a ghost .
- Blood ... Had a message on my mirror written in blood . - My voice was shaky and I felt the blood in my veins disappear every time I remembered it.
  Blake went to the bathroom and returned with a tube of liquid soap in my hands . He looked at me with indifference and threw the sanbonete for me .
- It's okay , just do not be playing board with your soap in the mirror again, ok ?
- What? Is this a joke ? It was blood! I saw ! And the mirror was running . It was blood, Blake , I swear !
- Sure .
  I ran to the bathroom and saw that there was indeed some patches of dried liquid soap in the mirror . Blake looked at him and raised an eyebrow , certainly telling the truth . If it really was my imagination I do not know , but I had to be absolutely sure you have seen the message . I looked back at my brother , but he had disappeared . I wore a white shirt and black pants simple. I put my running shoes and went to do my morning run through the neighborhood . There were days I did not feel so normal , as if nothing had happened . Filled my lungs with fresh air and greet the people passing by me . Despite my brothers had quarreled and after all that, I could relax a little . I came home completely refreshed . I showered and changed clothes . I did my homework from college and took the rest of the day to paint .
  The insppiração emerged as an arrow and ended my work soon . I liked the result , despite not knowing where I saw it , but I knew I had been there . My frame depicted a castle cream color under a clear blue sky and a few lazy clouds that were passing . The gates were gilded with some details on their grills . There was also a jardm with lilies and violets . In a way , look at what gave me an overwhelming sense of peace.
- Beautiful painting, but I think it is missing a little black in this castle .

  Almost dropped my brush with fright. Blake was in my room for the second time on the day in less than eight hours.
- There is something called port and you must hit it before entering .
- I've heard this story before , do not need memos .
- What do you want here, anyway ? You never come in my room so freely and willingly .
- I can not spend time with my sister ? - he pretended to be offended and lay on my bed - Just have nothing to do and decided to stay here for a while .
- Got it . Well , get all you want .
  He closed his eyes and muttered something I could not understand . A gentle breeze swayed the curtains and heard deep breathing Blake . I never thought I 'd see him sleeping so deeply that way . If I did not know what he really was , I'd say he looked like an angel . However , he was far from being a real one . I stared at him and could not contain my impulse . I grabbed another canvas and began to paint his face . It was a big challenge , but in the end managed to get the expected result . More a dab here and there and was ready shaded . I walked away from the table to see the resemblance and I was amazed to see details I never noticed before : his features were strong, but gentle at the same time. The line of his lips were well designed and the features of the chin , striking . Some strands of black hair falling over his face , giving him an air of lazy lovely and a boy like any other . I noticed as we were similar in some traits , such as the shape of the face , the arched eyebrow and the depth of the eyes . He could be rude and intolerable most of the times , but he Atria more than all the delicacy and attention Koichi .
- What is it? Take a picture . - He replied , stretching like a cat slowly spoiled by the lady millionaire .
- Actually , I did something more than take a picture .

  Blake jumped gracefully off the bed and went to close the frame. He took the mirror from my dresser and compared every millimeter of his face with the picture of the room .
- Congratulations , little sister . - He rubbed his hand on my head as a kind gesture and went out the window .
 When I looked at my bed , I saw that he left a silver chain with a cross of rubies for me . It was like my brand of vampire , only brighter . Conrrente held the hands , smelling it every ruby necklace and also on my pillow . It was something rewarding and something stirred inside me. A feeling that he was asleep and created strength so I started to paint the portrait of Blake .