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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

13- Pain of Death

  Convinced that Sesshoumaru was plunged into a deep sleep, Hades appears and enters the room where the couple fell asleep and tries to separate the youkai Kiara, however, the boy wakes up so it feels distancing girl.
- Damn, what you want, Hades? No longer was enough to have erased her memory?
- I would have left it empaz if you had not approached her again. By your stubbornness, Kiara will pay with their lives - turning to Hypnos - And you, incompetent! You did not say that the charm would work?
- A thousand pardons, Emperor Hades, but I do not know what happened. I'm not feeling no barrier here.

   With one small gesture of Hades, Thanatos again takes the thread of life and Kiara begins to unravel the thread of life of Sesshoumaru, who enlaçara up on her. Having in hand the two strands separate, the god of death broke the wire Kiara.
   Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes, unable to get up.
- Honey ... It hurts ... My chest is aching ...

  The youkai, distressed, replied, holding hands Kiara:
- My beloved princess ... I do not know what I should do. Forgive me, this was all my fault.

    And with that, she was dying of pain because of having it broken wire. Sesshoumaru became increasingly apprehensive, because besides he did not know what to do, he feared losing Kiara forever because Tenseiga could not revive her again and Hades would not let her return to the human world.