Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Precious Human- Prologue

  Despite the sadness and depression over time, Kiara rose again and decided to carry the pregnancy further, for she knew that Sesshoumaru would be there, and nothing else does not mind if his company thus grew to love the baby come into the world in a few months, regardless of whether or not appear Hades.
  Sesshoumaru thought the same way, because the child was not guilty of anything and it would not be fair not to be abusing his daughter.

  Month after month, the anxiety was increased by the birth of the child and the return of Hades to the surface, until, when Kiara completed the seventh month of pregnancy, the baby decides to be born during the night, causing the consequence that Sesshoumaru had himself that make the delivery of his wife because InuKimi was away and she would not come in time.
  Soon, the baby was born was a girl, with black hair and blue eyes, causing her to be the perfect image of Hades. However, the girl's eyes did not have the same blue Hades, who remembered the clear waters of a deep lake and beautiful, the girl's eyes were the color of the sea, a dark blue and emotive, representing the suffering of a body that Kiara should represent only Hades, marking the girl's presence in creation and life of  Saori Kishikawa  Nakamura, goddess of life and family love.