Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

06- " Who are you? "

   And not knowing the way back to the castle Kagemaki the young Kiara walked for days in the forest, without any direction, completely lost and alone. She did not eat or drink anything and did three days, from time to time, someone shared a piece of meat or bread with it, and so would survive.
   Until one day, she spotted from afar, a tall figure, elegant and visibly strong, also walked aimlessly around. Frightened, the girl fell silent, hoping that the traveler went away and did not see her there. However, the sweet smell of it ended up in the nostrils of the man who passed through there, so he recognized the smell immediately and ran to where the girl was hiding.
  She quickly got up and was going to run, but the figure that had not yet shown his face held her hand and stroked her face with the other hand. Then, rays of sun began to illuminate the man's face piece by piece, finally denouncing golden eyes and captivating, full of joy and love again.
   But when he leaned in to kiss Kiara, the girl pulled away and said, frightened:
- Who are you? Please do not hurt me, I do not know you and did not do anything bad to you, please let me go, please.
   The girl begged forth, crying, completely terrified.
   Sesshoumaru did not understand at first why she was so frightened, but when he saw that Kiara really cried in fear, he released her and said:
- I'm sorry, I know you and I just wanted to get closer, do not worry, I would never hurt you. Are you lost?
  - Yes, but I do not remember you. What is your name?
  - My name is Sesshoumaru. I am a friend of your father long ago. If you want, I can take you home.
  - Thank you, I'm really grateful.