Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

10- The Confession of Miyako

Soon, the day dawned and Orpheus anxiously awaited Miyako at any moment to hear her answer on that subject. The hours were passing and passing, but no sign of the girl since then, something would have happened to her? Orpheus then decided to check, but when he entered the room, saw that Miyako profundmente slept, and it was then that he thought he would fall for her was a mistake, perhaps because Miyako had not cared about his proposal. Sad and heart hurt, the boy started packing his things to leave until someone knocked on the door.
- Miyako? - Orpheus asked anxiously.
- No, sorry, I was waiting for her? - Sesshoumaru asked, surprised - something happened, Orpheus?
- I'm just waiting for the response of Miyako on that subject.
- I see ... Now go away? - The youkai question, looking for the luggage of Orpheus, which was already packed.
- Yes, after seeing Miyako sleeping so quietly serenaded after that I did, I came to the conclusion that she does not want any kind of commitment to me.
- I can not stop you, but accept at least have breakfast before leaving?
- Yes, thank you.

 While taking breakfast, Sesshoumaru told the Kiara everything that was going on, causing her to go into the bedroom of Miyako and had a serious conversation with her.
- I admit that, but I do not have the courage to tell him.
- If you do not, you will no longer see him again; men like Orpheus no longer do more then seize this chance. Be quick, it's almost starting.

Miyako wasted no time and ran down the stairs in his pajamas, without changing clothes.
- Orpheus! Orpheus!

Upon hearing the voice of his beloved, Orpheus turned back upset when he received a warm hug of Miyako.
- I love you, Orpheus, forgive me for not saying anything before, I do not want you to get upset with me, and if you still want to, I really want to marry you.
Orpheus smiled and put the ring on her finger, but cating for the wedding two days later, where they exchanged their first kiss.