Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, September 21, 2012

05- Lost Memory

  And full of sorrow, Kiara remained for five years. Playing the flute as her who depended on it to survive and feel a little comfort, because that flute Sesshoumaru had given to her long ago, so she felt better every time he touched her to Hades. Still, her heart felt a deep need to have the youkai beside her again, but knew that this dream could no longer be achieved.

   But one day, while playing, the music stopped Hades Kiara said, looking at her face constantly:
- This will be the last time you'll play for me, Kiara.
- Why? What will you do to me?
- I will set you free, you no longer interests me more and I do not want you to be sad in a place as beautiful as the Elysian fields, so you can leave when you want and return to the living world.
- Thank you, Hades, I am very grateful.

  Soon, the girl music returned to being happy, making Hades enjoyed the last of the flute melody that would hear it.

   The next day, Kiara packed her things and went to the surface after saying goodbye to Saori, accompanied by Hades who knew the way to her return.
   When she crossed the fronteria between the domains of the god of the underworld and human world, Kiara has lost his memory and could not remember anything, just Kagemaki and the castle of her father. She was lost, not remembering anything, despite being in front of the castle of Sesshoumaru.