Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

18- Depression

Thinking back to Hades no longer seek Kiara, all is well in the castle, but one day, Kiara and Sesshoumaru barely passes the rescues, however, discovers that his wife was indeed pregnant with Hades, causing the heart if youkai leave because he knew Hades had passed the time that the girl was unconscious for doing this, but if you want to show unhappiness or anger, apparently he had accepted the situation.

   But unlike Sesshoumaru, Kiara not faced that situation well, she was completely horrified, but she dared not take the child's life. Because of this, Kiara allowed the child to be born soon hospedasse her womb.

   Day after day, Kiara felt depressed and sad because, even unintentionally, she ended up cheating on her husband's way lower all. This empataria with him because years ago, Sesshoumaru is relaciounou with Kabawashi However, the girl did not want to give that grief for her husband, that he was impatient, as that was responding well.
   Often she attempted suicide, but Sesshoumaru was always around at the right time to prevent Kiara remove her from her own life.
- I will not let you kill yourself, never! You did it on purpose, the sole blame for all this is Hades, who took advantage of you to have a successor, but I promise that it will not put no more on you finger, even for that I have to die.