Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

14- Love and Death

  Seeing that her mother was dying by a thread, Saori decided to help by mending the thread of life Kiara again. However, she returned to live immediately, however, it has brought a great relief to Sesshoumaru, who took the sword in his hands and decided Bakusaiga enfretar Hades in search of salvation to his wife.

  - What do you plan on fighting me, youkai? Kiara is already dead, and I do not want preder my time with you.
- I will take revenge for what you did for Kiara, and for what you put me through all these years. And, contrary to what you think, she's alive.

  The god of the underworld's eyes widened and looked sternly at Thanatos, who tried to explain, however, felt the power of Hades Saori around and wanted to go into the room Kiara, but Sesshoumaru stopped him abruptly, prepared for fight.

- I will fight for love and the death of my beloved Kiara, for all you have done to her and the suffering she had years ago.
- If that's what you really want, it's okay, but do not regret the consequences later ... I, Hades, Emperor of the underworld will not have mercy on your soul and I will personally send you the most terrifying and agonizing place of my domains, where those who dared to face me are regretting every second, a place where you never exit: Tartarus.
- Do not fear their places, Hades, because nothing will affect my feelings for Kiara and nothing extinguish my determination to eliminate you, ever.