Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

09-The Serenade of Orpheus

During those two months, Orpheus tried to get Miyako fall in love with him, but apparently his plans were not working, because Miyako didnt demostrate any interest in him, until those days he had to stay in the castle of Sesshoumaru ended, and then decided to play Orfeu a beautiful serenade the girl overnight. Down into the garden and stood beneath the balcony of her window, playing a sweet melody.
  When you hear that song, Miyako already knew it was Orpheus who played the lyre in the garden, but did not know why that and then decided to leave it up to the balcony. When he left, the boy stopped playing and said, kneeling on the floor with a wedding ring on hand:
- Miyako, my love for all those times I tried to win your heart, but I got nape success, so I decided to play that serenade you, I love you, sweet princess, you want to marry me?

  She ran out of action and thought for a moment and finally said, still shocked:
- Orpheus, dear, I still do not know, please give me time to think, I promise I will answer tomorrow without fail. I'm sorry.
- It's okay, my beloved, you have the freedom to choose, I will not force you to marry me; goodnight princess.

  Orpheus left the garden and went upstairs to his room, dejected, as expected the girl said yes immediately, but he did not lose hope, and waited until sunrise the next day, which would soon happen.