Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

02- Goodbye

Given the prayers of Saori, the emperor rose from the dead to the living world to get the girl, but encountered two major obstacles: Sesshoumaru and Kiara, who did not allow the girl to leave with him; Saori tried to explain, but to no avail, Kiara did not want to accept it and then began playing the flute her away to anyone who would do harm to her or who she loved.
  However, the sound does not chased Hades, only that he had made ​​with the desire to bring Kiara with him for him to hear the flute whenever he wanted. As expected, the girl declined from just gave Saori to Hades.

  Realizing that the situation would be resolved, Sesshoumaru, who remained in the posture of attack to defend his wife kept the sword Bakusaiga and gave a soft kiss on Kiara, allowing her to leave with Saori for the world of the dead, even though she would never return there.

- Farewell, my sweet beloved, for a long time, but short while, you completed me and made ​​me feel the happiest man around the world, will never forget you, but if you ever return, you no longer see the youkai who was married all this time ... Goodbye, always remember me.