Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15- Hades

 Completely blinded by anger, Sesshoumaru moves fiercely over the body of Akihiro and strikes at the heart of the boy, who falls to the ground, immediately unconscious, but not dead. Knowing this, the youkai rushes to rescue Kiara, who was dead and would not come back to life with Tenseiga or some other method land. For this reason, he settles down to the realms of god of the underworld: Hades, which would certainly Kiara's soul back to Earth.

 But Sesshoumaru found a long road ahead: burning prisons, rivers of blood, ice deserts, among other obstacles. But the youkai not shoot left because he wanted more than anything in life loved him back at any cost and would face any danger to get it.

 Soon he got to the Giudecca, where was the Emperor of the underworld, with his servant: Pandora, which Sesshomaru attacked with a spear as he came.
- Pandora, step away from this youkai and not approach him as our subject is not finished, so I'll admit that you do not touch it.
- I'm sorry, Emperor Hades.
- What do you want here? It is common to visit youkai here.
- I have come to ask you to allow the soul Ryussen Kiara, my wife, return to Earth.

 Hades was silent for a moment, thinking about his proposal until he pulled a chain that was next to his throne, making up a sweet young and sweet, with black hair that was chained.
- Sesshoumaru!
- Kiara, I came to save you, my love.
  Furious at seeing the girl chained, the youkai advanced on Hades, who raised his sword against Kiara, threatening her life.
- If you approach me, your wife will pay dearly for your recklessness.

 Sesshoumaru stepped back, still willing to attack the emperor of the underworld if he freed Kiara those currents.

- You can not take it from here, from now on, Kiara will be my servant, so get out of here right now.