Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

05- Paternal Opition

Sesshoumaru reflected all day and all night about what to do about being pregnant Asuka's own brother. Kiara, who knew of the problem that confronted her husband, he suggested that a second chance to the young couple and let them both get married to alleviate the severity of what they did, so everything would be resolved and the youkai would not have tarnished his honor .

  He spent even a few days and he would be reflected both get married because it would not leave things better than they are, while others wanted to set an example to his children, Sesshoumaru did not want to punish Akihiro and Asuka, because one way or another, the youkai also loved them and wanted the best for his two sons.

  Asuka thought and prayed for her father to let her and the love of her life continued to live in the castle, until one day, Sesshoumaru appeared at the door of her room and said, smiling:

- Do not worry more, my girl, I thought a lot these last few days and decided to accept the feeling that exists between you and Akihiro.

  The girl was not restrained of happiness and hugged her father, smiling of extreme happiness.