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Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, September 10, 2012

14- Dad against Son

- Lord Sesshomaru! The castle is under attack! What do we do?
- Stay here and take care of Kiara, I do not want anything bad to happen to her, you understand, Jaken?
- Yes, sir, I'll take care of it, do not worry.
- Yasuhiko and Mitsuo are prepared stance and attack?
- Yes, sir Sesshoumaru, by the way, archers and Mitsuo are already fighting back with attacks of Yoshiaki sacred arrows, so that the body can be purified Akihiro.
- Excellent, but now it's time for me to intervene, tell them to stop attacking.

  Sesshoumaru went out, with Tokijin hands and prepared to fight, but he did not know that Kiara had gone before him and he saw her, holding his face Akihiro and begging for him to return to normal; Akihiro not moving, just stared at the girl so cold and cruel, until he said, pushing his mother away:
- You idiot! Akhiro no longer dominates over that body, now I, Yoshiaki, have control to move a finger to it if I want, now I will avenge you, but mostly I will avenge your husband, who was imprisoned me in Meikai during all these years.

Before Kiara hit the ground, Sesshomaru grabbed her and for the first time, he raised his sword to a child, knowing he would have to fight and kill the boy with his own hands. Meanwhile, Yasuhiko took care of the girl, so that the youkai fight peacefully.
  The battle was long and fierce, Sesshoumaru was very hurt because he did not have the courage to purposely hurt his son, so the youkai became an easy prey for Yoshiaki.

However, instead of striking the youkai, Yoshiaki threw his sword against his chest Kiara, making her fall to the ground, instantly dead by his sword.