Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

12- Symptoms of Evil

 As Sesshoumaru had predicted, over time, the spirit inhabiting the body of Akihiro began to emerge subtly. In every phase of crescent moon, the boy secluded himself in the woods next to the castle and the youkai there was, until the moon became. Nobody knew why that, but nobody ever followed Akihiro to know what was happening.

  Months passed and  Akihiro started feel mad: he no longer was near Asuka, whether exchanged a word with her, his relationship with Sesshoumaru practically no more, he no longer wore the white clothes she used to wear and peaceful, wore only black clothes day and night, regardless of estção year, finally, the only strong bond that still possessed Akihiro was with Kiara, which, because it was always gentle and kind boy consolation.
- Is there anything wrong with Akihiro, that's for sure ... Sesshoumaru, honey, you do not know anything about it, you know?
- No, my dear, I do not know if I knew for sure would have said.

  It was hard to face Sesshoumaru wife to lie, but he could not put it at risk by telling his vision, so he waited until the next crescent moon came, to follow his son to a possible refuge.