Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

12- Hypnos, God of Sleep

  - Do not meddle in my affairs, Thanatos, just do what I ordered. Mate just that girl before I lose my patience.
  - Yes, I'm sorry, Emperor Hades. But what is it? The threads of the lives of Kiara and Sesshoumaru are intertwined?! How could this happen? Imerador Hades, what do I do?
  - Do not cut any of the two, I just do not eliminate Kiara and Sesshoumaru? Hypnos, make Sesshoumaru stay in a deep sleep and can not protect the girl.
  - Yes, immediately - replied the god of sleep, not so willing to do what Hades had sent.

   Without noticing that Hades, Saori fled to the human world in order to protect her stepfather's eternal sleep. Hypnos Before launching his charm, Saori launched a thin energy barrier around the castle Kagemaki. With this, all the inhabitants were protected, without which no god of Elysian realize the charm of it.

  - I can not allow that to happen, forgive me, my father, but I am the goddess of life and it is my duty to protect all life on Earth, not let my mother, who suffered so much, die because of your greed.
  So saying, she left the castle and went on to observe everything from a distance, the temple of Athena, to ensure that nothing would hurt the two people who cared and protected her for sixteen years