Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

03- Cold Dog Demon

And so, whispering words of farewell to the wind blowing, Sesshoumaru left the kingdom and went to the cold, cruel world, aimless anything, just wander the world without a specific objection to cling. Yasuhiko left in charge because he is the eldest and most experienced of the remaining brothers, knowing that his kingdom would be in good hands and nothing bad would happen.

  Time passed and the longing increased youkai's chest, causing him to have a feeling that grew within him frantically, not knowing how to control it, letting it eroding his heart slowly, causing intense pain and incessant in Sesshoumaru's chest.

   Soon, the separation brought an abrupt change in the behavior of the boy, causing him to get cold again and cruel, without compassion of any being, even of humans for which had been attached and devoted all his life to help since he had married Kiara, who knew all the youkai were astonished, he had never been so violent and cruel before, that separation would be so strong for him that would have been responsible for this change? Yes, because the boy had never attached much in love as he clung to Kiara, and all this because of Saori, who wanted to go to the underworld, Sesshoumaru knew it very well, but felt no anger nor rancor of young goddess, by contrast, just thanking you for that, because he never knew if he loved relamente Kiara said as he loved, but now he was sure of it, I was sure that love can transform people from overnight, bringing joy and pain.