Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

07- Painful Walk

   Soon, Kiara started to follow Sesshoumaru during his journey as he returned home. However, for the youkai, that walk off the most painful of all, because the girl did not remember him and therefore, he could not talk to her a lot. Nor could use more adjectives affectionate with her, and it hurt his heart.
- We'll be here three days, yet the walk is a bit long, so let's stop to rest. I'll look for food for you, please stay here.
- But you, Sesshoumaru? you will not eat anything?
- Food not human like a youkai, not worry about me.

It took a while, but the youkai returned with a piece of meat and some fruit for her to eat. The fire was lit, so the cooked meat off, making it suitable for consumption.

The day dawned and they began walking again. Rather than Sesshoumaru thought that afternoon they arrived at the castle Kagemaki, which surprised the girl to return home, but to have a private conversation with youkai, he soon became aware of what was going on and hosted his daughter to again, until it was discovered an antidote for memory of Kiara.