Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, September 7, 2012

11- Vision of Sesshoumaru

 After the wedding of Miyako, the whole family was sleeping and, overnight, Sesshoumaru had a terrible vision: his son, Akihiro, amid a great destruction in the fire and completely possessed by anger and ambition;    Kiara fainted on the floor, wound and Yasuhiko fighting his brother, but the worst sight was Sesshoumaru's hands, bloodied and his son killed.
- Sesshoumaru, honey, what happened?
- No, there was nothing, my princess, it's okay.

  Being very tired, Kiara gave no importance if the youkai was lying or not and again, fell asleep in the arms of Sesshoumaru.

  The next morning, the youkai Yume was looking for an interpretation of that vision he had had last night, to prevent any battle or war.
- Well, first I say this: interpret everything literally, there is no hidden meaning, all I can say is that some spirit of an enemy from the past uses of the body Akihiro to get revenge.

"Revenge", a word that made the youkai had chills the first time, wondering who this person Saria. So many enemies, how to know which one would be right? Well, it did not matter at the moment, what mattered was the safety of the rest of the family and also watch closely Akihiro without raising much suspicion.