Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

01- Connection of the Gods

Knowing that would target the greed of Hades, her father, the young Saori live happily alongside her mother and her stepfather, but rather than thought, Saori much loved Sesshomaru because he played the role of properly biological father . Being a goddess, Saori felt the sadness coming from Kiara heart every time she looked into the eyes of her mother and also she could hear her clear thinking, "Sesshoumaru should be her father, and not Hades ..." .
   Saori already had enough suffering and see Kiara, therefore, entered in connection with her ​​real father: Hades, who disowned the girl because she chose to live with Kiara and Sesshoumaru than with him, but the girl was insistent Hades and begged him to take her to the underworld, where it was the real place.
   Angry, Hades said he would think about it, when Hypnos, his right arm appeared to give advice to the emperor of the underworld:
- Forgive my intrusion, Emperor Hades, but I think if you bring Miss Saori here, the empire can you become stronger, because it has your blood and the connection between you and her is great.

  At first, Hades hesitated, but then thought about the immense power that the world of the dead would have been Saori there and then decided to bring the girl the next day.