Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

08- Orpheus and Miyako

 Years passed and the seventeen year anniversary of Miyako arrived, and with it, also got her fiance, Orpheus, who was in the garden and began to play a beautiful melody on his lyre, drawing the attention of the girl, which was delighted to see that the garden had a beautiful boy, dressed in a shiny silver armor and gleaming with a lyre in his left hand. Silently, she approached the bench where Orpheus sat playing with his eyes closed. At the end of the song, he saw that there was a beautiful girl the admiring from afar and approached her.
- Good evening, Miss Miyako, my name is Orpheus Yatagami and came to wish you happy birthday.
- Obriagda, Orpheus, I would go to finish the celebration?
- It would be an honor, princess.

  Once Orpheus came alongside Miyako, Akihiro and Asuka received them joyfully and at the end of the party, the boy was staying at the castle Sesshoumaru by youkai's own will.

  He stayed there two months to try to win Miyako, who had grown fond a bit the boy and she did not know who would be deeply in love with him.