Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

06- Weeding

Happy, Asuka and Akihiro marked the wedding for three days later, for now Sesshoumaru supported both love and nothing would prevent them from being together forever, the girl was very excited and was all the time talking to Kiara about marriage because nobody better than her mother to explain that, after all, Kiara was married to Sesshoumaru decades.
- If you really love Akihiro, marriage is a wonderful thing when you really love, because that is what unites two souls as if they were one, and I like Sesshoumaru, apenasr not appear sometimes, and we love each other very well always will be, do not be nervous, everything will be OK.
- I hope so, Mom ... and Akihiro start liking another girl?
- He will not, just do not be jealous and leave it at home, do not get it when they're near choking another woman, be proud and confident that nobody is better than you ... It's late, go rest now, my daughter, the big day is tomorrow, good night.
- Good night, Mom.

  The next day, the preparations for the wedding were ready and Akihiro was already at the altar with a white suit, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Asuka, which came with a white dress with gold accents, charming looks Akihiro, who was delighted with girl's belly was bulging in dress.

  After an entire ceremony, the couple finally exchanged a loving kiss and Akihiro gave to Asuka a wedding ring made ​​of diamonds, dazzling the girl.

When cerimony ended, there was a big celebration, Sesshoumaru was happier than Kiara and would not stop hugging his two sons, who reciprocated loving every fatherly hug.

  The couple spent their honeymoon at the castle of parents, both traveled to Norway and stayed there for two months, enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.