Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

10- Return of Hades

  While Sesshoumaru enjoyed a long night with Kiara, the emperor of the underworld, Hades, he thought about how the girl was under his spell and how the youkai was without her beside him, therefore, decided to investigate. The next morning, he went to the living world along with Saori and walked toward the old castle which the couple lived. But did not match any of the two, soon concluded that both had not met yet and grinned with glee.
   Concerned with the smile of her father, Saori was already thinking the worst and feared that something happened to her mother and the youkai, because she knew she would not rest until Hades kill els if he saw them together again.

   But his surprise was not the same when you reach the castle Kagemaki because he saw the two lovers embraced and plunged into a deep sleep that morning snow. Overcome by rage, Hades thought of attack, however, reflected and thought of a better plan, summoning Thanatos, his right arm to put the plan into practice: Kiara permanently eliminate the world of the living.