Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, August 31, 2012

04- Enraged Father

When the pregnancy of Asuka reached the fourth month, Sesshoumaru became suspicious that something was wrong and began watching the girl closely, but discreetly so nobody know of his presence in the hallway in front of the bedroom door and Asuka hear the sighs of young, when something caught the attention of youkai:
- What will be us, my baby? When my dad finds out I'm pregnant, he'll punish me seriously, and I do not wanna lose you, my daughter.

  The youkai, enraged, joined by surprise in the room and the girl said, sounding gruff and stern, looking deep into her eyes:
- It was not enough to fall for Akihiro you also had to conceive it? As our subjects you want to see me? A king so severe and demanding to have a pregnant daughter of her brother? That's a shame!
- Dad was inadvertently Akihiro and I did not plan that, on the contrary, for the two of us being brothers, we thought this would be impossible, sorry.
- I do not blame you, but Akihiro because he is older and should be more careful, what really makes me angry is the fact that you guys have hidden from me all these months! I'm sure Kiara knows everything, but I will not discuss this matter with her a ... No need to abort the child, just get out of my house with Akihiro, I give you three days to leave.

  The girl cried and hugged his father, pleading:
- Please, Daddy, do not do this to me, I do not wanna leave, I wanna stay here, I will not give any work for you, I promise, if you go out of the castle not to embarrass you, but do not send me to leave here, Please, I beg you.

Sesshoumaru ran out of action because, while he was angry, he was compassionate girl, because she was still young and had no notion of almost anything in the world.