Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10- Search

 - She could not have lost that rose; Satori must have hidden it is very well, but I'll find my turn to rule the world has finally arrived and I will not let anyone spoil it a demon.
- But if even the black rose has captured the power of another, as you think to find it?
- There is only one place where I did not seek, in the castle where are my beloved Demons.
- I do not understand you guys, human, now, speak of a person with contempt, sometimes with love, Ryan, or not there is a feeling you still live at Satori?
- I should not satisfactions of my life for you, Akita, so do not meddle.
- But I intrude, after I opened your eyes and your mind, without me, you would now be a slave to desires of your daughter and your wife, I made you be what you are today, then I have the right to know all his thoughts.
- Well, damn, how your Youki is necessary for my survival, I will not kill you, but try to test me again ... I will not have mercy on you.

To stop the discussion between them, created by Ryan appears to give the news they found nothing anywhere in the southern lands.

- Is not it better to quit it, sir? - Continued the servant, frightened.

Furious, the human prince slapped the face of the employee and, looking out the window, which reflected a new moon night, said:
- I will find that rose, Satori, and when I do, put an end to the existence of Chii and yours forever.