Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

18-Is it really immortal?

 Years after the black rose disappeared, Sesshomaru began to think about the safety of Kiara, as of now it would be vulnerable to any danger, the simple fact of being his wife, the wife of a youkai.
 Until one day, in the morning, the youkai had a brief conversation with Kiara, who was hurt and sad.
- You can not do that as well, of a sudden, if you do not want me anymore, just say, do not do this to me.
- I love you, my princess, please just give me this time, I promise I will not abandon you just need to think away from it all, in a place where I can only worry about this issue.
The girl nodded, unhappy because she did not know how long he will be away from her, who could guarantee that what he said was true? But even so, she trusted him and afternoon, Kiara allowed him to leave with a heavy heart, Sesshoumaru left adrift by his dominions, wondering if it would work or not continue risking her life that way.

The weeks turned into months, making every second even leave the girl's heart, he wanted to know where her husband was.
Until one day, she decided to go in search of Sesshoumaru, accompanied by Jaken, who could sniff out traces of youkai. Akihiro protested because he was worried about the health of his mother, but to no avail, the youngster was stubborn and left, heading toward the northwest, where her son pointed.

Kiara walked for three whole days without alimetar and without hydrate, until the horizon, he saw the figure of Sesshoumaru, and said, with blurred vision and about to faint:
- Honey ... Sesshou .. ma .. ru ...
Hearing the sigh of his beloved, the youkai rushed to rescue her, put her lying on the floor and said, gathering a lot of branches:
- Jaken, ignite this fire while I look for something to Kiara eat 

Minutes later, she awakes, anxiously looking for Sesshoumaru, who had not returned. When I was almost saying standing to seek him, the youkai appears with a basket of fruit he had found in the forest.
- But then, what are you doing here? I said I would return by chance you do not trust me?
- I trust, but I got very homesick, it's been months since you left home and gave no news since. I'm sorry.
- You do not have the strength to stand up, so sit down and eat it, will leave you a little stronger.
She sat on the lap of Sesshoumaru after feeding and take some water and snuggled closer to him, as the night was cold.
- Please excuse me, you know I did not mean any harm.
- I'm not angry with you, I'm glad you're here with me, but at least you could have brought a stock of food with you.
- I left in such a hurry that I ended up forgetting it, my luck was that I found ... Brrr, it's cold.
- Get closer to the fire;
- I do not need the heat of the fire, I need your body heat to keep me warm.
The strongest youkai hugged her and rested his head on her head, still reflecting on that subject.

Already warmed by the heat of Sesshoumaru, the girl slept cuddled with him and covered by the skin of it.

The next day, they returned to the palace and since then no more Sesshoumaru left Kiara again. Relamente be immortal? I answered yes, because love has no color, shape, age or species, you can not see or catch yourself with your hands, just sit until the last second of our lives.