Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, August 6, 2012

02- Chii Grow

 That rainy night, a lightning crossed the sky, carrying the soul of Satori, Chii holding in her lap at the time.

   At dawn, Kiara was how were the two Demons, but it was too late.
  - Sesshoumaru, honey, Satori is gone.
  - Will arrange a suitable place for her body.
  - Wait, you remember the casket of crystal that you put me years ago?
  - Yes, but what does this have?
  - I will embalm her body to put in the coffin, so when Chii grow, it will know how true it was her mother.
  - But, Satori said we do not talk to her for Chii, I do not think it's a good idea.
  - Nonsense, you may not have noticed, but I saw that his soul was deeply hurt and her heart was bruised, it was not that she really wanted qu.
  - Then I will send Ken to take the coffin.
  - Okay, meanwhile I'll take care of Chii.

  The priestess embalmed the body of Satori and Sesshomaru put her body in the casket, which was in the temple, where he was also the body of Sephiroth.

  Time passed and Chii grew, believing that those were true it sinks, but the poor girl knew nothing, causing the couple to stay anxious and not knowing if it would keep the source secret, so they banned Chii going to the temple.
  - But what is there in that church, Dad?
  - Nothing, my daughter.
  - So why do not you let me go there?
  - But what's interesting to do in an ancient temple and dusty?
  - You did not answer my question, Dad.
  - You did not answer my question too, daughter.

  Kiara, realizing that that discussion would not be a good idea, resolve to change the subject.
  - Stop it hurts you! Discussing this will not do no good to anyone, now, let's have dinner.

  - Okay - answered them, thwarted as they descended the stairs to dinner.