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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

13- The Love Still Lives

- Sesshoumaru!
  - What are you guys doing here?
  - You left no note and Chii also disappeared, then, Satori and I followed his tracks here.
  - Okay, but do not disturb me. Akita is about taking the pink inside of Chii.
  - How so? She said where was it?
  - No, the other pink denunciuou the location of her ... Satori? I do not believe, as she is stubborn!
  Without thinking, advanced on Satori Akita, but was prevented by Ryan.
  - You can not let that happen! Akita will kill Chii!
  -I never cared about her.
  - You are a non-heart! Let me go!
  While the man was distracted, Kiara and Sesshomaru appeared, he turned into a giant white dog and she, freeing Chii Akita subjected to torture her.
  - Mom! I thought I was dying, thank you.
  - Do not thank me, my daughter, now with Satori will, I'll help Sesshomaru.
  Chii ran to Satori, still arguing with Ryan.
  - Mother, my father's eyes are blue!
  - You are right, my daughter ... Ryan I'm sorry, if I knew that I would never have separated me from you, I would have stayed by his side and helped you, forgive me.
  Sorry, Satori kissed the lips of her husband, hoping that the love she still felt that he would cause the spell was broken Akita.