Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

14- Human Wound

 While trying to reverse the spell Satori Akita, Kiara Sesshomaru helped to fight against it, but deep down, Kiara was worried about Chii and, therefore, asked the demon that was protecting the girl. The boy hesitated er continued to fight alongside his wife, however, Kiara growled insistently that her husband was inside the castle. After many entreaties, he went in and saw that the spell had been broken because Ryan was sorry and cried because it hurt when the two people he loved most in the world.
  At that happy moment, one hears a painful scream of a woman, was the cry of Kiara, who was lying on the floor, completely bloody. Sesshomaru ran quickly to rescue the girl and to end the confrontation against Akita, but she had disappeared. Concerned, the youkai said goodbye to family and returned to his castle as soon as possible so he could take care of his wife's injuries.

  For several hours, the girl remained unconscious, to the great despair of Sesshoumaru, who noticed that the markings on the face of Kiara had gone and the smell of her perfume was like before humans. She woke up very weak and powerless to stand up, leaving the care of her husband. When she learned that she had completely lost the essence of youkai, Kiara suffered because I knew that this meant that her beloved would have more concerns and more work, and that she did not want him at all, but there was no other way, so she had to adapt to live again as human and a large wound on his back, which was the cause of her transformation and that she was constantly pained, no medicine to soften the pain, leaving her weak and without any force, making it completely miserable.