Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, August 20, 2012

15- Final Act

 That same afternoon, Satori, Chii and Ryan were visiting Kiara, who was still lying in bed, resting.
 - I'm sorry, this was all my fault.
 - It's okay, Ryan, was to blame myself, I should have been more careful.
  Sesshoumaru had just entered the room when we heard the end of the conversation and said, looking at his wife:
 - If some people were not so stubborn, certainly none of this would have happened.
 - Well, I think Kiara must rest, so now we're leaving, I estimate improvements for you, Kiara, come get you later, Chii
 - Thank you, Satori.
 - It's okay, Mom.

 Shortly after the family leave, Akita arrived, attacking the castle. To be able to fight it peacefully, Sesshoumaru asked that Akihiro take care of the girl.
- I'm here to talk to Kiara, and not with you, mangy dog, get out my face.
- If you want my wife will have to go through me first. What do you want with her?
- This issue is just between me and her, not about you, but if I have to fight, okay, I'll do a favor for Kiara.
 And then they both began to fight and Kiara, distraught, could hear every noise from the garden and every word of the two youkai, when he remembered that this was the final day for the two roses bloom in late and soon, came to the conclusion Akita who wanted a pink crystal.
 - Akihiro, aodne Chii is?
 - She just got out of the garden, I could not stop it, Mom, I'm sorry.
 - It's okay, just help me get up here.
 - To where you go, mom? Santa deisse this that you will not be able to get up and I can not let you go to the garden.

 The girl did not hear her son, took the sword Nodachi hands and descended the stairs to the garden, where Chii was undergoing a transformation due to the pink crystal, and Akita, who suffered because of the black rose.
 - Chii, go back inside, please, dear.
 - Are you sure, Mom?
 - Yes, please, go back into the house.
 When you hear that voice, Sesshoumaru turned back and hugged Kiara in order to protect her from a blow that Akita was launched.
 - I said it was for you to stay in the room!
 - I can not stay there knowing what you're fighting for me, especially knowing that Chii was here ... What do you want to treat me, Akita?

 Akita kept the sword and walked around Kiara, who was still clinging to Sesshoumaru and asked:
- Why did you fall for it? What does he have that normal humans do not have as Sephiroth? That was the worst mistake of your life, Kiara, youkai and humans were not meant to be together.
- What are you talking about? Love does not choose a specific person, when it happens to you, you will give me reason, Akita.
- It happened to me and I was not happy, so I came here to open your mind and show you that love is not healthy, neither for you nor for him.

 Kiara looked deep into the eyes of Akita and saw a black cloud hid something very important, so I decided to read the mind of youkai, poider to resolve this conflict and to get that black cloud from her.