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Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

03- The Letter

 The next morning, when he finished taking the breakfast, Chii ran into the bedroom of the parents, with the intention of waking Sesshoumaru, who was still sleeping.
  - Tell Kiara I'm going now.
  - Come on, Dad! The cafe will cool!
  - Five more minutes and I'm already going, ok?
  - Okay.
  As I was leaving the room, Chii saw an envelope on the table and opened it when she would start reading, Kiara appeared and when he saw Chii with the envelope in his hands, turned pale and worried:
  - What are you doing with the envelope in his hand? By chance you read what was written there?
  - Nah, I did not read, I'm sorry, Mom.

  The priestess smiled, and sorry for yelling at the girl, she said, tenderly:
  - I do owe you an apology was not sure I yell at you, I was nervous because Sesshoumaru has not yet awakened.

  With the conversation of two girls in the room, Sesshoumaru just waking up and seeing the letter in no's of Chii, he had a chill running through his spine as he thought she knew everything. But, seeing that Kiara blinked at him, realized that the small yet knew nothing, and then he reassured.

  At lunchtime, the girl asked her mother, curious:
  - Mom, what was that letter?
  - It was the letter that would send to Sesshomaru InuYasha was not, darling?
  - Yes, matters of business, my daughter, are complex terms, you would not understand.
  - Are you sure, Dad? If it were only that Mommy would not be so worried ... You guys are hiding something from me?

   The couple exchanged glances subtly, without notice and Kiara Chii replied:
  - Of course not, my daughter, where you get that idea?
  - I was just thinking, but you guys are acting strangely for some time ...