Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, August 10, 2012

06- Protection

While the family dined, Chii asked Sesshoumaru if they could go to the temple again to see Satori. Happy to see that the girl was better, the youkai said yes, and as promised, the three went to the temple to see the woman Inu Youkai embalmed. The boy took the lid of the coffin so that Chii might better see the true mother.
  - Sesshoumaru, you could use the Tenseiga?
  - Maybe I can, but I will not be able to guarantee with certainty that Satori live again.
  - Try, dear.
   The youkai Tenseiga drew his sword and was preparing to revive the mother of Chii as a protective barrier made ​​of crystal involved the body of the girl, who was bending over the coffin.
  - Daddy, what is it?
  - A wall of glass to protect you, whatever it is, I think the person or object that has created this barrier thought that Sesshoumaru would attack you, you'd better get away from the daughter.
  - Okay, Mom.
   The girl then walked away from the casket and the barrier, the poucosm faded, allowing Sesshomaru to utilizasse Tenseiga to Satori live again.
  - And then, Dad? My mother is alive again?
  - I can not say, wait a little longer.

 Obeying her adoptive father, the girl waited anxiously for her mother really open your eyes and come back to life.
  - Come on, Mom, please wake up.
   Listening to the prayers of her daughter, Satori began, slowly open your eyes and move, causing a smile of joy arose in the face of Chii.
  - Mom! you are truly alive!
  - Yes, my baby, I'm back and I do not conform to see how you're beautiful and grown ... Thank you for taking care of her for all these years, I have no words to thank you both for everything.
  - Do not thank me, Satori, did it just for love, after all, she has also become part of our family.
   The girl was amazed at the fact of having two mothers who loved her very much and a father who would give their lives to protect her. But wait, there's something wrong here, had two mothers, two fathers was right there too, but she knew only the adoptive father, leaving a little sad Chii.