Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, August 17, 2012

12- Youkai x Youkai

 - Dad? What happened to you? Your eyes are ... blue, not brown, what happened?
  - You have nothing to do with it, tell me where paenas Satori hid that rose!
  - I will not speak, never!
  At that time, the black rose Akita guide to the location of the Rose crystal.
  - So, Satori hid it inside you? I never think about it now, give me!
  - No!
  - Do not worry Ryan, I retreat ... But what is this?
  - Is something wrong? What happened?
  - I thought I saw a skin of youkai in the hallway in front of the stairs. I'll check, wait a minute.
  Akita followed the scent of Sesshoumaru up the staircase, but found none and then returned to the hall, still confused.
  - Find anything?
- No, but I could swear I saw and felt the smell of another demon here.
  - Let it go now, try to get that rose.

  Chii was desperate, did not know what to do to prevent catching the Akita rose, there were only three petals to it blossomed to stop the greed of her biological father. But soon she had an idea: she coo possessed demon blood, the girl turned into a medium sized white dog and fought against each other youkai, which immobilized the transformation of her and getting closer and closer to take possession of the rose.
  - No use resisting girl, one way or another, this rose will be mine.