Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, August 13, 2012

09- Crystal Rose and Black Rose

   - Sorry, Mom, I broke my promise.
  - It's alright, my baby, your father, because this reaction in whom he sees for the first time.
  - You mean he is not as loving as he showed today?
  - Yes, Ryan is a very loving man when he loves someone, that love is forever.
   Chii was thoughtful, wondering what would be the loving hand of her real father, until the line of her thoughts was broken by something that Ryan had said "... I want the pink crystal with Satori is ...". After all, it would be a pink crystal? He then decided to ask the Satori.
  - Mom, what is a pink crystal?
  - Where did you get that idea?
  - Daddy said he wanted it, remember?
  - Oh, of course, do not listen to him, Ryan was bluffing.
  - But you agreed with this "bluff", then it means qu true!
   Satori sighed and showed the rose, which was hidden inside the Manina and therefore could not be found easily by Ryan.
  - You see, my daughter? This rose, which is now within you, is the rose that your father is looking for, but I can not say anything about it, I'm sorry, but I know one person who can tell all the details for you, but promise me you will keep secret, this conversation can not leave this room.
  - I promise, Mom ... but who can tell me?

  - If Kiara is available, it can tell you absolutely everything you need and should know, I can not tell you because there is a protocol and can not in any way, disrespect it.

The girl ran to the adoptive parents' room and there he saw that Kiara was alone, completely open, so asked her to tell you all about the pink crystal.
  Kiara then went to the bookshelf and pulled out a golden book, which had the title "absolute power" written in red letters.
  - The rose pink crystal and black are the two articles of absolute power. Who gets these two roses have all the knowledge to rule the world for that, the two should be together when bloom.
  - But what is the connection between them?
  - Each one represents something important to gorvernar: a pink crystal keeps the secret of domination and spiritual powers, representing the power and the black rose, holds the secret of the origin of the world, representing wisdom.
- But, my other mother can not say anything to me?
- There is a protocol for this, and if a guardian disclose the location of pink crystal, the destruction of the world will be right, so you can not even say anything, this is a secret that will die with you, understand?
- But as you know it and can tell you everything?
- Because I created the two by accident, there I try to gather them to be able to stop it ... But today, I could not accomplish that mission.