Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

01- Prologue

 The night was rainy, the lightning crossed the sky and thunder, tall and imposing heralding the beginning of a great storm and also heralding the birth of a baby Inu Youkai and a crime, that would change the life of the RuO newborn girl forever.
  Wrapped in a white blanket, he was crying with cold and hunger, while her mother ran, wounded and weak, looking for somewhere she could leave his daughter to safety. Thanks apena efforts, therefore, less than two meters was a large and imposing castle, which probably would be home to a royal family, left the baby in the door and knocked. hoping that someone might hear and could support the girl.
  But before he could say goodbye to her daughter, something pierces her back and she fell. A thunder sounded, and along with it, the cry of a woman and a baby cry echoed up the ears of the couple who lived there.
 - Sesshoumaru, you hear that?
- Yes, that is ...
  The cry was insistent, so that Asal would leave to get up and out when they saw a baby and a girl lying on the ground bleeding. The two were similar, therefore, deduced to be a mother and daughter: blondes, dog-eared and brown eyes. In the girl's hand was a silver chain writing her name "Chii" and there was also a letter which read as Kiara Sesshoumaru brought the baby into the house.
  For a moment, she joined forces to open their eyes and could see clearly that his daughter was in the care of another family.
 - Wait, Sesshomaru! This woman, she is still alive, bring it inside, I can feel the tremendous energy from her mother.

 The demon answered the request of his wife and carried the woman inside, putting it in the guest room. Fortunately, he was still alive and able to talk to new parents of Chii.
  - Thank you for taking my daughter.
 - Do not thank me, we will take good care of it, do not worry.
 - I see ... It seems that Chii liked you guys.

 Kiara, realizing the sadness of the woman to leave the girl, she handed the baby to Satori, who kissed the tiny brow.
 - I would like to order something for you guys.
 - Whatever you want.
 The girl looked at her daughter and said, leaving a tear dripping in her eyes.

- Please do not ever tell her that you guys have taken it.

   The couple nodded and Chii leave and Satori alone with the last minutes of life remaining to her, is enough to put it inside Chii a valuable artifact of crystal, which would protect her from all evil.
  - I will always be with you, my daughter, no matter where you go.