Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

03- Pregnant

Time passed, and the gatherings of young people continued day after day, but one morning, Asuka fell ill and called Kiara, who had risen early that day.
  Concerned, Kiara took care of the girl, but realized there was something wrong with her ​​daughter: somehow, she had gained weight, but this "fat" should not be because of what she ate, but something that Kiara knew very well and could be sure: Asuka, without doubt, was pregnant.
- Asuka, I know what's happening: you are getting together and Akihiro, is not it?
- Yes, Mom, but as you know?
- Your sickness was not by chance: you're pregnant your brother.

  Asuka was disconcerted because you thought it could never happen; came out of her room and went to the room and Akihiro told him what had happened, hoping for a rejection of him, but the boy reacted joyfully celebrated the first and son or his daughter.

  For a time, this secret was only between three, away from the ears of Sesshoumaru, which, if discovered, would commit a thoughtless act by a mere nervous impulse.

It was easy to hide the early months of Asuka pregnancy, but the worst for this start.