Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

05- Chii back to the past

 With the sad and broken heart, Chii jumped the bedroom window and goes to the temple, where Sesshoumaru forbade her to enter, it was dark inside, so she lit a candle and saw two bodies embalmed, the body of a man and of a woman. The man, who was no longer the girl knew it was Sephiroth, but the woman Chii know, but she had the feeling that I had seen the woman before.
   There, inside, a mirror, and to analyze closely, her features were similar to those of women in the coffin.
  - Mom? - Chii asked, looking at the body of Satori through the mirror.
  At that time, the image of the deceased mother of Chii reflected in the mirror.
  - My Girl ... will always be with you.

   As the girl stood in the temple, Sesshomaru and Kiara looking girl on all sides of the castle, concerned, they still had not found Chii.
  - Chii! Chii! Where are you?
  - My daughter, answer, we need to talk to you, is important.
  - Sesshoumaru, where she was? Already tried it everywhere and have not yet found.
  - I think I know where she is.
  - Where?
  - In the temple.
  - Does it ...
  - Maybe, but we must go soon, we are not losing tempoa.

   The couple went into the garden and followed the moves of the temple, where they found the girl. But they could not speak, because Chii ran, crying and heartbroken because of the lie, the truth hurts, we all know it, but lie just hurting more.
  - I think you should go talk to her, dear, you always heard Chii.
  - I hope she accepts me yet, the poor thing was very sad.

   And then went to Kiara Chii's room, knocked and identified himself, expecting the girl to open.
  - Between the mother, the door is open.
   The priestess went and sat on the bed of her daughter, who was crying a lot.
   - Have you heard all that, you would like to know more about your past?
  - Yes, please, Mom.
   Even knowing that this would not be a good idea, Kiara decided to tell everything, because, besides, it was a right to know after the hard truth that she heard behind the door. When I was running out to tell the story to Chii, the priestess recalled that she had saved a white blanket and handed it to the girl, also created a globe of glass so the girl could see the whole story.
  - Thank you for telling everything, Mom.

  - Nothing, dear child, will always have me.