Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, August 27, 2012

01- Brothers Love

Year after year, the fraternal ties between Asuka and Akihiro became ever stronger, one could no longer stand without the other for very long. At first, Kiara and Sesshoumaru found that such behavior was typical of siblings, so do not give much importance to the excessive approximation of brothers.

   Until, when the girl was about sixteen years old, Akihiro unwittingly stumbled and ended up dabbing lip of Asuka, who grabbed her brother by the shirt collar and gave the kiss of Akihiro accidental.
   At that moment, Sesshoumaru went down the hall, just where the youth were kissing.
- I love you, Asuka, not like my sister, but as my wife.
- I thought it would be matched neck, I love you too, Akihiro, but I always thought you loved me just like another sister.
  The youkai intervened, energetic and furious:
- How? I hear that right? With so many people in this world, were you to fall in love with each other? What nonsense! It becomes something obscene, Akihiro! And you, Asuka, with many rapzes at your age, you just had to love your older brother? I hope this does not happen again, but both will regret bitterly, are you listening?
- Yes, Dad, sorry - the two responded, downcast.

  After that day, both were forbidden to be together again, to avoid any episode like that. The heart of the two has not been the same since then, and when he crossed the hallway, no more exchanged glances, knowing that if one looked into the eyes of another, yearning for one more kiss arise, and it would mean a terrible punishment for both, they did not care if something happened to themselves, but would care if something happened to your loved one.