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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

08- " My Little Girl "

  Chii's promise to Satori was short-lived, without anyone knowing, Ryan found out where the girl lived, and now, believing that Satori was dead, created more expectation that he could approach the girl.
  - Chii-San, there is a visit to the lady in the living room.
  - Who is it?
  - Ryan Yoko, your real father.
   She widened her eyes and ran down to see her father, who returned the hug her.
  - Dad ... I'm so happy to see you.
  - My little girl, I also, for the first time in fifteen years I can see you ... Because you're beautiful and sweet ... It was a pity I have lost all their growth.
  - No problem, Dad, now you're here ... You want to go see Mom?
  - I heard rumors that she is dead, my dear.
  - But she's not, she's alive.
  - I do not think you need, my girl.
  Seeing that Ryan had been tense, Chii soon deduced that her mother had appeared and soon moved away from her father.
  - What do you think you are doing with my daughter?
  - Your daughter? From what I know, I had to make Chii collaboration existed and I have the right to come see her.
  - You really think I'll believe it? Get out of here! You never loved her, always tried to kill her and now wants to be super dad? Sorry, but already has another man playing your role as parent
 - Chii gets my blood running through her ​​veins, whether you like it or not and I will not give it up!
  Sesshomaru and Kiara, when they heard the shouting in the room, went down to see what was happening when they saw that Ryan was there, the youkai Tokijin drew his sword and stood in front of the adoptive fiha.
  - Believe it or not I came to see my daughter and I also want to know where the pink crystal.
  - That rose is no longer with me, I think I lost years ago.
  - Do not lie to me, I know you hid and I wonder where, for even the black rose is having the ability to find it.
  - I already said I do not know, do what you like, but I doubt you'll find it.
  - We'll see who will laugh last, Satori ... The game starts.
  - May the best player wins.

  - Do not worry, my daughter, I'll come see you.