Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

16- The mind of Akita

For a few moments, Akita and Kiara were paralyzed, mentally exchanging information to each other. Kiara was then briefly dipped in the last happy memory of Akita, which involved a boy with brown hair, tall and strong, carrying a sword at his waist, which was called Hotohori. At first, Kiara did not know who was that guy, but once more deepened in the minds of Akita, Hotohori was discovered that her fiance had died and in a battle to defend his kingdom, which today would be one of the small parts Sesshoumaru's kingdom.
After that memory, Kiara also saw a black light, which deposited a black rose in Akita and that made her become a youkai. Once transformed, Hotohori no longer recognized his fiancee and almost killed her.

  Hurt and unhappy, Akita then determined to open the eyes of humans who had some relationship with youkai, causing them to separate, just as she did with Ryan and was trying to Kiara, who freed his mind and took the Akita Tenseiga sword Sesshomaru's waist.
- Take me to where the body is your boyfriend, I think I can help you, but first, I want you to promise me one thing, Akita.
  - And, what would it be?
  - So I Hotohori bring back to life, you give me in exchange the black rose, so I can destroy it.

Akita agreed and took Kiara to the middle of the woods where the body was buried Hotohori almost forty years ago.

  Sesshoumaru, who did not understand anything of what happened there, followed the trail of his wife trippin, fearing Akita hurt or kill Kiara, but it would not be an easy job, because the road was like a maze, which made it lost several times because of the smell of eucalyptus was stronger than the smell of perfume from his wife.