Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

17- The Black Rose Disappear

And in the woods was a tombstone, which contained the name of Hotohori. Akita and the unearthed when Kiara went apliacar the blow that would restore life to the dead boy, Sesshoumaru prevented, relieved to have found his wife alive and sane.
  - What do you think you're doing? you think I have nerves of steel to leave you like that, amidst a forest without giving me any satisfaction and even leading to Tenseiga with you?
- I'm sorry, is that the case is very urgent, Akita told me that the reason you have so much hatred for youkai is because he lost her fiancé, who is that guy on the ground because of the black rose.
- Under these conditions, I do not think he'll relive these conditions.
-Still, I'll try.

The girl took a step ahead and cut the servants of the underworld, who surrounded the body of Hotohori. Distressed, Akita knelt beside the man's body on the floor.
- Agreement is agreement, take, take this pink and please destroy it, it was the cause of my suffering the suffering of many others.
Once Akita handed the rose to Kiara, she was slowly returning to normal and assuming human form again, just when woke Hotohori.
The couple separated after many masters, exchanged a kiss, causing the rose to fall apart and disappear forever.

Everything was right: the families together and happy, the cause of all the pain was gone and everything would be at peace again, but when Sesshomaru makes a decision, the happiness of the home Kiara ends.
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