Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

07- Biologic Dad

 Later that night, Chii asked many questions to Satori: what it was, where she lived, as was her house, among other questions that Inu Youkai had pleasure in replying, but a question was innocent enough to wipe the smile the woman's face and cause her to be tense.
- Mom, could you tell me something about Dad?
- I. .. I do not remember the physical features of it, my daughter, I'm sorry, I do not remember anything about it.
- But, you remember his name, mother?
- I. .. I'm not sure.
- Oh, please, mother.
- Okay, since I have no other choice, his name is Ryan Yoko, are you satisfied  now?
- Yes, thank you, Mom, I'll be back.

The girl ran from her room and went to the office of her adoptive father to look for something about Ryan in the archives of Sesshoumaru.
- What is it, my baby? Did something happen?
- No, Dad, I was wondering if there is something in their files that is named Ryan Yoko.
- Let me take a look ... Here it is, but give me back, ok? After all, why would you want to know about this guy?
- My mother Satori said he is my real father, but she did not remember anything about it, so I figured that if l saw something about it, she might remember.

- I understand ... but be careful with this file, it is irreplaceable.
  - Okay, I give back, Dad.
  The girl returned to the room with the briefcase in hand and with a smile on his face, because now her mother would remember everything and could tell all about it.
  - Here, Mom, now you can remember everything about my real father.

Satori would have never thought to tell something about her ex-husband for someone, especially to her daughter. For a moment she was silent, staring at the black book that had the name "Ryan Yoko" written in silver letters, which caused her a great thrill.
  - So, Mom, now you remember? He was like that right? It's okay, Mom?
  - Excuse me, my baby, is that I do not see his face for a long time and it does not bring me good memories.
  - Why not, Mom?
  The Inu Youkai closed the book he was Chii's hand and said, looking into her eyes, sadly:
  - His father was once a wonderful man, but until the day he learned of my pregnancy, he became a bitter man and did everything that I lost you, but I separated it, because I could not accept that I loved Ryan, but I loved you even more, and at night when I gave birth to you, he chased me and when I left you in the castle PROTA this wonderful couple, Ryan punched mine back with his sword. The rest I think Kiara should have told you.
  - Yes, she said.

  What paquenina not realize is that Satori was crying, thinking that her daughter was still in danger.
  - My daughter, promise me you will never speak to him or get near him.
  - Yes, Mom, I promise.