Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11- Last Chance

- And then, Ryan, what you gonna do? There are only three petals for the roses bloom.
  - Listen, Akita, I'm doing everything to find the rose crystal, and today you have not moved any straw to find it.
  - My job is just to give you my Youki, if I did not, you would surely have died.
   Ryan did not answer, just let Akita approaching him so he had some of her Youki through a kiss.
  - There is very little time to get you another rose, what you gonna do?
  - Do you have any plans?
  - Yes, bring hither, and Chii requiring it to say, certainly Satori told her where she is that rose.
  - Until at last, decided to help you! I thought you only served to meddle in my life.
  - Ungrateful!
  - I'm sorry.
  Soon night fell and Ryan ordered the servants Chii brought him to the castle, so she told the secret location of the rose. Satori had a bad feeling in his sleep, but had no strength to get up and go see the girl.
  But, contrary to what the servants thought Ryan, Sesshoumaru heard the noise of them leaving the castle and followed them discreetly to the domains of the biological father of the girl.
  - What happened, Akita?
  - I thought I smelled each other youkai, but should only be printing.
As Akita, the demon smelled her and began to walk quietly, reaching the front door, while Chii was subjected to cruel interrogation.
- This is your last chance, Chii, if you tell where is the rose crystal, I will not do any harm to you.
- No! I'll never tell! You will not use it with good intentions and it is my duty to keep the rose with my life!