Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

04- Chii Hear

 During the afternoon, Sesshoumaru Kiara struggled with the idea of telling whether or not to Chii over the true origin of it, for it was evident to her that she was different from other brothers: the attitudes of her, the look, everything was completely different; for more she would receive as much affection from her parents, the girl did not fit in that family.
- Sesshoumaru, I think it's time to let her know the truth, it is clear to Chii this family is not her true home.
- You are right, but I think it is still not the right time, we must wait a little longer.

At that time, Chii was passing in front of their parents' room and heard her crying Kiara. She thought of entering the room, but heard when Sesshoumaru said something and then she stepped back and listened to the conversation behind the door.
- Kiara, my love, I know it's hard because, after all, we cling to it, but we can no longer hide it from her, we count will be better than knowing it all alone.
- It's true, but Chii will hate us forever to learn that we hide it from her for fifteen years and worse: you ever wondered how the poor girl will suffer when you hear who is adopted?

"Adopted," was all she needed to be heard at that time and ran out the bedroom door of her adoptive parents and went to her room, crying and extremely hurt to have lived a lie all these years, even though she loved deeply couple who created and cared for her for fifteen years, lie is something unforgivable and that love can not heal, the wounds that the lie may cause.