Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


- Beta 3.
- Yes, sir.
- Come back here. There's something I'd like to say.
- I'm arriving.
   Dylan returned to Stanford's company, wondering what was the matter, because he never asked to go back there and much less he cared to tell something to him about what was happening in the company. Anyway, he was not far to go back.
   The mechanical receptionist glanced at him before continuing the business. Dylan sighed and continued the way until he find Stanford in the elevator door. Really should be something important, becaue he would never do that.
- What happened?
- Come On. This is your chance to show your loyalty to me.
- What are you talking about?
- Wait and see.
   Stanford pressed a button that was never there, making the elevator down to a level below the reception and that made the confused boy. Since did they have an underground room? Anyway, Stanford said nothing at all until the elevator doors open.
- After you left, our security system has detected an intrusion on the second floor and our robots were able to capture the attacker. At first we did not know who he was, because he was with his face covered, however, when we remove the mask, finally realized that my great plan may be realized.
   Soon, the Dylan's processor did know what it was.
- So you're saying that ...
- Exactly. And I'm trusting you to take care of him.
   Once they arrived in the cell, Beta 3 saw who he imagined. Leigh was sitting on a bed that was in the wall and head down corner without saying a word until he see the Beta 3's face.
- I expected that.
- Lord, he can turn off my processor and run again as he did that day, what makes you so sure that there will be different?
- That's because you will not watch him directly, but at a safe distance and safe methods, so he does not turn off the cameras and escape.
- And how long will I have to do this?
- Until things settle a bit and I can neutralize Edward Thomas and David Blake. - Stanford looked sternly at the boy - I'm putting my trust in you. If you betray me, I will not hesitate to destroy it as well as I do with that kid after I get what I want.
- But I thought you would use him as a general.
- Why I would use it if I have you? I can be 90% sure of your loyalty, so I can not trust that kid. As soon as I get his DNA I will destroy him. Now follow me, I will show you the room where you will be.
   Dylan looked once more to Leigh before following him to a room that had a single screen, a table with a microphone and a chair.
- You'll watch him here. There is a hidden camera in the room and that Alpha 20 will not be able to see. Thus, there is no way he turn it off. You can hear everything that goes up there and can communicate with him. I'm not saying that you should only talk if necessary, as he will be disabled anyway. Therefore, you can talk to him whenever you want and what you want.
- Yes, sir.
- You will start from now and can not leave this room without telling me before, you know? You are only allowed to go out if Alpha 20 escapes.
- I will not leave here, sir.
- Great.
   Dylan sat and watched Leigh all the time. Both were visibly bored.
- Alpha 20.
- What is it?
- How are you feeling now that you finally were caught?
- Do not start teasing me, okay? I'm not in this situation because I want to, but because they made me.
- Of course. After Stanford soldiers took you. What happened? Your power to turn anything electronic disappeared?
- Shut up. All of this is your fault.
- My fault? Alpha 20, I have nothing to do with it. Stanford told me you decided to invade when I was out of there. Besides, I will be forced to stand every day and every night watching you without rest.
- If you had any sense none of us would be going through this.
- I have sense, but you do not. Invade the company during the day knowing that Stanford would be here is an act without any sense.
- If you only will provoke me, I suggest you to shut up.
- Do not discount your bad mood in me.
   Leigh was silent. He knew that from now on, Dylan would trigger it daily so. However, this was part of Edward's plans to learn more about the company. Anyway, he could not have contact with them because Dylan was always watching him and certainly would deliver if he said anything suspicious. The only thing he could do now was wait and see what would happen with time and try to find that hidden camera to escape.