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Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


- Leigh Michaelis! Come here now!
   He knew he could not escape and his robotic parts could not help him. By David's voice, sure he was more than angry.
- I think you already guessed, is not it?
- I don't need to be a detective to understand. What did you think? And if the government had captured you?
- In fact, he tried to capture me.
- What do you mean by "he"?
- This has nothing to do with the government itself. It's just a minor official who wants to capture me.
- Who was he?
- He said it was the owner of the company you worked.
   David was not surprised, and it made Leigh confused.
- Did you know that?
- No, but I confess have guessed that. After all, there was no way the "government" to find out if someone who was among them did not know and certainly Stanfor was this person.
- Stanford?
- Yes Stanford Ellington.. What else do you know?
- The new company, it works the same way the old company, but the difference is that the staff it are completely robotic. He said he wants my DNA to be able to modify humans and make them useful for him to conquer what he wants, however he did not tell me exactly what it is.
- And yet, it is not hard to imagine.
  Leigh was silent. It really was not hard to imagine. He remembered that Stanford wanted his DNA for the manufacture of ready soldiers to attack any minute, which could only mean that ...
- David, do you think he's planning a war?
- I'm sure of it. Stanford never liked being under the shadow of someone and certainly he is planning a war with hybrid soldiers to take over. If he can get his hands on you, it finally will happen.
- But the virus is activated, remember?
- Yes, but if it works with robots, they can do the same as you and find the password, allowing them to copy the database files and use you as captain in this war.
- No, they could not. I would not join up with them.
- What if there was a threat?
- This does not intimidate me.
- Also, Leigh, you have robotic parts and nothing would prevent him from installing a program to control your actions. You would become a toy soldier in his hands.
- I'm sorry for having gone there without saying anything.
- It's not your fault, I understand your reasons. However, we must tell it to Edward, maybe he can help us.

- What happened?
   David delivered the letter to Edward and Leigh remembered all that he had told before.
- This is definitely not good, however we can not just report it.
   The three were in absolute silence. No one had anything to say, as no words could change what was happening at that moment.
- I'm going back there.
- What?
- Leigh, are you crazy?
- No, I'm not. If Stanford thinks he can hunt me with robots, he is mistaken. Maybe I can get when there is no one there and get some incontrovertible evidence of his betrayal.
- And how do you plan it? If I know Stanford, he must keep all heavily guarded by robots.
- But I can disable them, remember? I managed to do it once, I can do it again.
- Yes, it's true. - Edward confirmed - He managed to disable the security system of my house once, certainly disable the system of his building will be no problem.
  David was not one bit happy.
- Are you thinking of sending him back there? Edward, I promised to Holly that ...
- Yes, yes, I know! But the kid is not a child; he has skills that must be put into practice. Holly did not with attributes of a soldier, but with attributes of a first class spy.
- I'm not sure.
- Leigh can store an unimaginable amount of files and programs of any kind, see the distance, jump from buildings and hang up without any noise, disable any security system and electronic device, above the normal speed and also the ability to invade and hack systems without a trace. Yes, Holly certainly made him to be a kind of spy, but not a mere spy.
- Yes. - Leigh confirmed - And the Stanford's system is a perfect challenge.