Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 28, 2014


- Do you still think you did a good thing?
- He does not want to admit he is grateful for what we did. "I will not hesitate to destroy you" ... As if he could do that. - Leigh realized that he had no answer and saw that Edward and David were looking at him strangely, as if they were surprised. - What's gotten into you?
- Since when can you do it?
- What are you talking about?
   David brought a mirror and when the boy looked up at him realized it was not his image was reflected, but an image similar to Dylan's image.
- Wow.
- Holly did not play in service when yshe built you. It is a perfect camouflage. Try to do it with someone else.
   Leigh could become the perfect image of Stanford.
- This should be Stanford nowadays.
- He has not changed much. Say something, Leigh.
- "What happened? You robotic brain is not recognizing me?"
   Edward rubbed his chin.
- It seems you can camouflage the voices too, this will be useful. Transform again, this time at your father.
   Leigh tried, but nothing happened.
- Looks like I need the face and voice of the person to be able to transform me.
- Transform into Holly.
- Are you thinking that I've turned to a toy?
- Only obey me, okay. I want to test something.
   He frowned, but obeyed. Edward and David saw the boy turn into the most perfect image of Holly.
- Well, are you satisfied?
- The voice is the same. This means you do not need to have direct contact with people, just remember their faces and voices..
   David thought for a moment.
- David, please stop thinking, it is scaring me.
   Edward laughed and David frowned at the boy.
- Edward, do you think this can be useful for us to finish with the Stanford's plans?
- No doubt. We can even use the Holly image for this.
- He would suspect that, do not you think?
- Leigh is right.
- And you still call super scientists.
   David flicked the head of the boy.
- Why did not he use the Dylan image to approach him?
   Leigh looked at Edward with a meaningless way.
- Are you sure about that?
- Of course. Stanford never distrust him and you could scour the company in more detail without arousing suspicion.
- Okay, okay. I think I have no choice.
- This is my boy!
- Don't tell it again, okay? I'm not your boy
- Come on, Leigh, don't be so...
- Robotic. - David finished. 
- Yeah, thank you, David.
  Leigh smiled and used the Dylan's image before left the room.