Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 22, 2014


  Leigh woke up, feeling a deadly and destructive weapon. Maybe it was because of the activation of the virus, but he was not sure. He really feared for Edward said, and if the virus reached his memory? No, he had to have confidence in Holly. After all, she was able to diagnose and resolve all the shortcomings of the previous Alphas projects.
   The alarm went off, but just the fact Leigh look at the object made it shut down. He could control electronic objects remotely without the need to get close to them to do anything. Not only the alarm went off, but his cell phone, which was not common. He attended at the distance, enabling the device to the speakerphone.
- Leigh?
   He did not remember that voice.
- Hello? Leigh? Do you hear me?
- Who is speaking?
- You do not remember me? - The voice sounded disappointed.
- And should I?
- We studied together from the last year of the high school.
   Leigh thought for some minutes. He had never paid attention to anyone, and that included girls. However, the girl seemed to have the phone number it.
- I really do not know, sorry.
- I should imagine, you have always been very focused on studies to worry about socialization, is not it? It' me, Julie!
- How do you have my phone number?
- It is good to talk to you too, Leigh.
- I'm not in the mood to talk, tell me straight what you want.
- It did not you come to class and this is not natural.
- That's none of your business.
- Wow. Okay, you really woke up in a bad mood. Well, if you calm down, I could call back later.
- No. You can not. I'm sorry.
   He hung up without saying another word.
- Who was the girl?
- Were you listening?
- You are the one who put the phone on speaker and not me.
- It was nothing.
   David shrugged. He knew that Leigh was bad-tempered, so he decided not to say anything more about that.
- You should go outside, the human part should be in need of fresh air. Why do not you take a walk to relax the nerves?
- Not a bad idea.
   Leigh dressed and left without eating breakfast. When he was passing near the mailbox, the postman delivered a letter.
- Leigh Michaelis?
- Yup.
- It's for you.
   The boy saw there was not the sender's name on the letter, so he decided to open.
"Illustrious Mr. Michelis,
   I congratulate you for being the first and only Holly Michaelis' project which currently remains operative and without any flaws. We waited a long time for this and now finally our radars were able to capture its signal. For this reason, I imagine that you are close to your full development and we will not hesitate to pick it up. Certainly David told you about everything that happened, so imagine that you should know what this is all about.
   We are not threatening you, but yes, we are notifying you that soon, our agents will be with you by the search warrant. If your lordship want a peaceful negotiation, you can see below the address of one of our visits. You must inform the protocol below.

We appreciate the attention and we will be completely ready to serve you.
Sincerely ... "

- So the government will finally do something, right?
   For a moment, thought Leigh play the card out, however the address showed in that letter was not far from his home. If David did, he certainly would collapse, but he knew he could not hide it. He held the letter firmly in the hands, not knowing what to do or not.