Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 27, 2014


- If I accept accompany you to the Edward's house , will you leave me alone once and for all?
- Of course. If even after you see still refuse to accept, who am I to say something?
   Beta 3 followed Leigh to Edward's house without saying anything at all.
- But what is it?
- This is one hybrid that Stanford created.
   Edward looked closely at the boy before letting him in.
- How you brought him here, Leigh?
- You know his skills, Edward. - David replied - I imagine the kid just came here to Leigh not bother him more.
- Really - Edward chuckled - Holly must have put the "annoying" feature on his schedule.
- I've talked to stop talking like I was a robot. I do not need it.
   Beta 3 was silent, just listening as they were united, despite the difference between them. Stanford never made jokes about his robotic parts, much less cared for him as if he were a human truth.
- Well, let's see what we have here ... That is, if you agree with it.
   The boy sat in the chair and let David put some wires in it and that concetassem a cable on the device connector space that was on the left shoulder.
   While Edward program analyzed all components, Leigh was even more frightened by the neglect in which Stanford had built. Most pieces were about to parerem working and others had already stopped long ago.
- My boy, your situation is not good, see for yourself.
   Edward made the information came to Beta 3, which was frightened by what he was seeing. He knew that his parts were too old, however, he never imagined it all.
- We can fix this, but before you need to know what was your Alpha base.
- I already know that. My base is Alpha20.
- No, it's not. - David shook as he released the boy's wires. - Your base is Alpha 15.
- Alpha 15?
- Yes - Edward continued - And soon, your CPU will present a serious mistake because your brain will begin to reject it. This was the error from the Alpha15 project, however the error appeared a few seconds later. You still managed to stay running for eighteen years.
- Stanford told me I was completely designed based on Alpha 20, I never would have some kind of error ...
- He lied, but now you know everything. Even if you do not believe fully, we will fix it.
   David nodded and began to prepare new parts and the tools they need.
- Why do you persist in doing this? In the end, I am an enemy.
- No, you are not. - Leigh interrupted - you are like me and does not deserve to live like this. Stanford has deceived you and is letting you reach the limit to death. A hybrid need someone who is always willing to take care of him, a family.
- Family ... - Beta 3 interrupted the thoughts - Do you think you guys will win my trust with this? I have lived so far without a family and I may as well continue. If you mend me you are condemning yourselves.
- You are thinking of the punishment you could receive, but you do not want to admit.
- Leigh, please go out. This will not be easy even to us.
- OK.
   Leigh left, closing the door behind him. What was he doing being nice to a hybrid with a mind so small and then would use all this against him? Yes, he knew why: it was because no hybrid deserved continue that way, because Stanford was a bastard who was manipulating the technology in a completely wrong way and it should stop.

- Do you think this will be enough?
- Yes. We managed to fix your error, but unfortunately we can not upgrade you to a newer Alpha project.
- That's enough, I already feel completely renewed. Thank you.
- Do not thank. Holly Michaelis certainly would do the same thing, after all you were born of a project done for her.
- Why not give him a name?
- A name?
- Yes - Leigh said - after all you are no longer the same person, so deserves a name.
- I'm not sure.
- Come on! - Edward thought for a few moments to get an idea - What do you think about your name be Dylan Thomas?
   The boy immediately thought of the consequences of being there and got rid of the idea of staying with the enemy any longer. As much as they had repaired and given a human name for him, Beta 3 knew the real creator of him was Stanford and, much as he did not treat him as well as it should, he should never betray him.
- It does not matter to me. You will not make me change my side.
- We're not trying to make you change sides, Dylan.
- My name is Beta 3. This human name makes no difference to me.
- You still have complete loyalty by Stanford.
- Exactly. I hope you know that you gave more strength to the enemy. - He looked at Leigh - From now I hope you do not think more about cross my path, Alpha 20, otherwise I will not hesitate to destroy you.